It’s not too late!

April 2, 2010

Great news!
~ It’s not too late to arrive for the Easter Package!
~ The sun is shining and it’s a gorgeous day! It’s supposed to be nice all weekend!
~ Our rates are very low now, but it’s our introductory phase, so come now and see!

I put all the windows up last night upstairs–that’s how perfect the weather is right now.

I nab people whenever I get a chance to come in for a tour. (And if you’re coming to town for just the day, stop by and take the tour, too). Adjectives that I hear consistently are:
~ “Bright!”
~ “Warm.”
~ “Cozy.”
~ “Welcoming.”
~ “Inviting.”
And sometimes I even hear, “Aaahh.”

And finally, one more bit of great news:
~ We’re not full for Tea Party weekend! There’s still “room at the inn!”

See you soon! ~ Cheryl

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