Halloween neighbors!

October 31, 2010


Jim, our next door neighbor--One of his favorite things is to meet & greet our guests.....

Jim's wife, son and one granddaughter on Halloween night

I don’t think I need to make any comments, do I?

Halloween table

October 31, 2010

Ghost glasses on the dining room table

The breakfast menu is:  eyeballs w/ lashes, ghost creme w/ rocks, ghost-cheese/broken broomstick/hot coals pie, monster mash and boo-berry coffee cake.   I also need to add that the menu is almost 100% gluten-free!!!  (We have a guest with a gluten intolerance).

At around 1 PM today, I decided I really needed something Halloween-y in the placemat department…which meant that I would  head down to the basement (where my sewing machine is) and whip up 4 new Halloween placemats…which was exactly what I did!  They worked up quickly and I was thrilled with the results!  What fun! 

The Halloween table is set and ready!  The white cups and saucers (I didn’t have any stark white ones) and the Dracula plate that you see in the center of the table were finds from the W.I.N. store that I bought today.  Total cost:  $ 5.

Translation for menu:  whole grapes w/ shredded cheese, yogurt w/ granola, goat cheese/asparagus/sweet potato quiche, blueberry coffee cake.  The quiche has an oatmeal crust (gluten free oatmeal flour) and for the coffee cake, I used a gluten free cake mix,with some added blueberries, along with about 3/4 cup of gluten free shortbread mix + a bit of brown sugar and some butter for the crumbly topping. 

The Dracula plate from the W.I.N. store

The Tall Ships

October 29, 2010

All will be illuminated on Friday night

Welcoming visitors this weekend

a quilted tall ship


October 27, 2010

What you hope is…..”that someday, someone will wake upon a clear morning, perhaps after heavy rains, and realize how much of life was not what you destroyed or what you took with you, not what you forgot or what you failed to recall, but what you left in place for others to discover, in themselves, and carry forth with their torches raised up higher than they ever had imagined.” (p 245, Bijou Roy, Ronica Dhar, 2010).

Tall ships…..

October 25, 2010

Seen looking through Stam's window downtown

From the river's edge

From Delaware's waters

See http://www.kentcounty.com for info about this coming weekend’s events, especially Downrigging Weekend, one of Chestertown’s biggest events of the year.

Yellow leaves

October 25, 2010

Sitting on our red living room couch with a book in my lap and a cup of coffee in my hand, I looked up and saw the leaves falling. They were bright yellow in the sun’s spotlight with the yellow-est section seemingly highlighted, and the crazy confetti leaves were being forced off the tree, yanked one after the other by wind fingers, a hundred at a glance. Then they stopped. It had lasted a couple of seconds, but I hadn’t missed it.

It’s fall. Don’t miss the show. There’s room at the inn.

“The Yellow House” by Patricia Falvey

October 24, 2010

A story of the reckless extravagance of love juxtaposed with the grinding, up-to-your-ankles-in-water-every-day persistence of responsibility, the Yellow House stands. As a picture of hope.

I took the book off of the new fiction shelf at the library because I liked the picture of the Yellow House on the front. Plus I love a good story, and it looked like it could be just that.

I wasn’t disappointed.

“…Over the last weeks, the kindness of everyone around me had chipped away at my old armor. I was a changed woman now. I was happier than I had been even as a child. I had peeled away all the defenses I had built up over the years. I was naked as a newborn, ready to love and allow myself to be loved. And I had no shortage of love. My family was around me again. I had friends. I was back at the Yellow House, and like the Yellow House, I had been returned to life….” (p. 327)

“…Kindness…”: You just never know what a smile, a mug of steaming coffee, and a fresh, homemade cinnamon bun might mean to someone. Those things have a way of slipping us into story….which is a part of what I hope we serve up here at Simply Bed & Bread.

“…Monday, Monday…”

October 18, 2010

Hopefully, these leaves won't fall!!

Laundry on the line -- (a surprise amenity...oops, now you know!)

From the 2nd crop of our edible landscape--purple string beans!

The laundry was all hung on the clothesline with care,
Anticipating new guests who soon would be there…..

….Like those who are booked for this week….

It can be very difficult for a Weight Watcher to travel. And staying at a B&B can be deadly….unless the B&B cook “gets” the whole Weight Watcher thing…..For this week’s prospective guest who just attended her very first Weight Watcher meeting, I’ll fix an egg white omelet with a plethora of fresh veggies (yes, including some of those purple string beans!) to fill her up! And one or two of those satisfying 1-point “rounds” will make her feel like she’s been sitting at a banquet table, but it will all be “legit!”

Simply put, we can do this at Simply Bed & Bread!

Chestertown in the fall….

October 15, 2010

One of the white pumpkin displays decorating Fountain Park

The leaves are just starting to turn yellow in front of our house!

Evidence in Monument Park that the squirrels have begun getting ready for the winter!

A couple of new things…..

October 14, 2010

Our Simply Bed & Bread fall wreath--complete with bread!

Another pumpkin in the house!

We’re still on the pumpkin theme here….And so was the Garden Club when they decorated Fountain Park for the season. Even with the backdrop of the steady, gray rain today, I noticed the park pumpkins by the lamp posts. The thought that I had as I sloshed by was that they were pumpkin-perfect!

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