“I scream; you scream; we all scream for ice cream!”

July 28, 2012

The 2 little girls in the back seat couldn’t have had a more brilliant father. At least, that’s what my sister and I thought when we were traveling with Daddy in our 1960-something, used car bought from Mr. Phillips at his Sudlersville car place back in the day. What a clever saying, and what promise lay in that sing-song slogan: if Daddy had ice cream on the brain, maybe we would get a special treat, if we were good. So we’d be extra good, just in case. And why would we not be? On an outing on a summer’s day singing silly songs like the ice cream ditty, we would be perfect angels.

One of my favorite memories was from the Pomona Store where, I swear, those ice cream cones were as big as my head. I ate all of mine on the one trip still etched in my mind, then begged for Bobbi’s, too. I was always a good eater. Everyone said so….So I guess it’s not much of a stretch to guess why one of my latest favorite things to do is to try new ice cream recipes here at Simply Bed & Bread. Basil ice cream is now a staple here, served on top of our fresh fruit. And sitting on the stove right now is a pot of half and half with 4 ears of fresh sweet corn (picked from the field this morning), cobs and all, with a habenero thrown in for some extra pizzazz. I tasted it and I do believe it’s a winner, too!

Not all of the flavors have worked, however. The cinnamon was really good, but the beet wasn’t. Oh, a couple of our guests loved it, but I just did not. So I doubt I’m ever going to do the beet blitz again. If I’m going to peel, strip, cook, whiz, strain, drain and slop, the effort has got to be worth it.

My time is up. The clock says I can begin Step 2 of the Fresh Sweet Corn – Habenero Ice Cream, so off I go, singing, “I scream; you scream; we all scream for ice cream!”

The Grease-Soaked Paper Bag or the Fine Crystal?

July 15, 2012

After I’d skedaddled upstairs to clean while our guests were out and about, Barbara rang the doorbell. I’d messaged her before I’d run up the stairs to see if she could go for a walk, and I’d caught her just in time. Yay! I walk most days, but sometimes it’s so much nicer to have a buddy, and Barbara never disappoints with her stories. When I’d told her about Aunt Bernice’s “fancy glasses” which held today’s watermelon gazpacho, she told me about a story she’d used to teach her high school English students when stressing the importance of taking pride in their work, and presenting a lovely product. When I’d described the gazpacho in the glasses, she said, “We taste with our eyes before we taste with our mouths.”

She brought in 3 lunches for her students to taste – first with their eyes, before deciding which one they’d prefer to taste with their mouths. The meals contained inside of the 3 packages were the same in each: a peanut butter sandwich with chips. Barbara had rubbed Crisco inside of a paper bag before packing the slightly squished PB&J and crumbled chips so that the outward appearance suggested a garage mechanic’s greasy grub; that was Lunch One. The second serving, a diagonally-sliced sandwich with crunchy side was placed on a paper plate, with a paper cup set out above it. But the third selection was a beautifully cut sandwich set in the center of a fine china dinner plate with the chips artfully arranged beside. A crystal goblet was ready for the beverage, and the cloth napkin was folded and perfectly poised for the diner’s pleasure. The students’ preferences were usually unanimous: they wanted Lunch # 3. She said she never got a messy paper with crossed-out markings, smudges, stains, rips or tears. Their assignments generally were presented with cover pages, were neatly typed and easy to grade. Point made.

Did I NEED to put the gazpacho in Aunt Bernice’s cut glass goblets? No. A small side dish would’ve sufficed. But what fun for me fixing it, and for our young couple at our breakfast table this morning! Twice tasted: twice blessed! For all of us! So…why not?

Location, Location, Location.

You might notice the WAC Administration Building cupola out of the corner of your eye as you walk onto Simply Bed & Bread's brick path, since our house is just a stone's throw away from the college. Or it might be the ...
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