Christmas Cookie Get-Away Package!!!

August 2, 2015

Guests just gave me this idea yesterday:  of a B&B stay where an individual, couple/s or small group of friends have a good ‘ole-fashioned time making cookies like Ma used to make!  And the idea comes just in time for holiday planning – for getting the dates on the calendar and making all the arrangements NOW.  Then when holiday happenings are hoppin’, and time is crunched, your plans are done.

Worried that there won’t be enough time to schedule this?  Relax:  the cookies will keep in the freezer.  (Schedule your get-away around Thanksgiving, or just before – or whenever you have a space where it’ll fit.)  Then when you get the notice about the office cookie exchange, or the neighborhood goodie swap, your cookies are waiting for you, completely finished.

Are holidays hard?  Lonely?  It’s fine to come here alone – even a day or two just before December 25.  We’ll fill your time away with some warm fun and Christmas cheer, and you can have a holiday that’s maybe like the “old days.”

Do you think your spouse might think this would be fun – to bake together, making some special memories?  Some other family members?

Maybe you and another couple might like the adventure!  You never know; you might start a new tradition!

How does this sound?….  no mess at home, no shopping for ingredients to do in busy, crowded stores, having a few dozen Christmas cookies in the freezer, ready for guests and giving?

Come any time in November or December, for a night or even two, either through the week or over a weekend:

Weeknight rates / night – $ 149 + 11% tax (1 person) , $ 169 + 11% tax (2 persons, 1 room)  (Both rooms, 3 -4 persons – $ 299 + 11% tax)

Weekend rates / night – $ 179 + 11% tax (1 person), $ 209 + 11% tax (2 persons, 1 room)  (Both rooms, 3 – 4 persons – $ 349 + 11% tax)

My mother used to begin baking around the first of December, and she’d store her cookies in tins and crocks under the bed in “Aunt Bernice’s room” (the spare bedroom reserved for our mother’s sister who’d visit every other weekend from Baltimore).  The collection would grow and I would watch for my opportunity to sneak in and grab a few.  I’d have to be very careful and very, very quiet; I never knew what might happen to me, if I was caught, but I never was.  (Hehe, maybe that was my mother’s Christmas gift to me:  to never “catch” me.  I’ll never know, but I just bet ‘cha.)  My favorites were the Spritz – vanilla or almond, didn’t matter which – and in the cooler temperatures in the closed-up room, they’d be chilly and the texture was oh-so-just-right.  I can “see” myself in that room right now, and it’s been 50 years ago.  I guess you could say that cookies really are a part of who I am.  🙂  So….do you have some of these kinds of memories?  Does this sound like fun?  What are your favorites?  What kinds did your mother (or father, or auntie or grandma) used to make?

** We’ll only have a limited number of these packages available during the season, so if you’d like to schedule, call sooner rather than later!

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