February 16, 2016

Yesterday’s stressful, tricky driving conditions in the snow led to a coating of ice in Chestertown last night, and today it’s raining cats and dogs! (I know. Frigid cold in the teens, with even single digits one day, followed by temperatures in the almost-balmy 40’s the next. Sheesh. No wonder when B&B guests ask me about the weather, I often say, “I don’t know.” Nobody does.) I haven’t been out. It’s a slippy, sloppy mess out there, so I’ve stayed in, stayed dry, and made hot soup. (And besides, I got a new haircut yesterday and if I have any chance at all of having the style repeated for the second day in a row, it’s not going to happen as it’s squished under the hood of my rain coat. The signs were simply all pointing in one direction today. But I will go out for piyo, my pilates-yoga combo class. There are some things that just must happen.)

Today was my scheduled soup-making day, since it’s my turn to take a pot to the meeting of the Chestertown Ukulele Club tomorrow night, but with the pools of standing water outdoors, the timing was perfect for keeping close to the kitchen. I’ve had a great time inventing. Of course, there’s “nothing new under the sun” and soup inventions fall in that category, but still. I’ve had fun. Plus I’ve just tasted the soup and I say it’s pretty good: potato-carrot-bacon-dill soup, made with 3 pounds of white plus the pint-sized basket of sweet potatoes that I got at the Farmer’s Market a week ago. (There are a lot of people in the uke group.) Shucks, I even threw in pumpkin, pepper jack cheese and of course, onion and garlic. Oh yes, and carrot juice makes everything better. And ohmygoodness, do NOT forget the chicken stock base. It would be nasty and flat without some kind of base, either chicken or veggie. I just happened to have chicken in my fridge. Mushroom is always a hit, but I was out of that. But this soup was going to be made with ingredients already on hand, which is, of course, the beauty of homemade soup. I plan to take my left-over homemade bread and make some garlic-dill croutons for people to spoon onto the top of the soup.

So there. If you’re having a tough day, take out the soup pot. I promise it’ll make things better.

Location, Location, Location.

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