Spring Words

March 20, 2016

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” – Margaret Atwood

I love these words. I can’t say that they’re indicative of my personal lifestyle though, because when I finally got old enough to have time to dig in the dirt on a more frequent basis, I discovered that I only really enjoyed digging in the dirt on one day out of a whole year. (Unless I’m somewhere with children, and then it’s a different story.) But on my own, I only love this on a gorgeous day (after a recent heavy rain so that the ground is easy to work) with some lovely, light, bright spring flowers to plant. Oh, and my house has to be newly cleaned, so that the smell of clean is still evident when you open the door. And since I’m not ever drawn back to the plot to weed, yet still want the flowers to become profuse, lush and a carpet of color, untainted by unwanted weeds and entirely self-sufficient, (hehe) I have to say that I’m not a gardener. But I still love Margaret Atwood’s words. The daughter of a farmer who spent many hours, giggling with my sister, running behind our daddy’s small tractor as he plowed up the garden, while racing the birds swooping down for the worms and feeling the cool dirt beneath our hot, bare feet, I guess this is why. The dirt is still somehow between my toes. (In a good way, I mean.) Often I guess we do love ideas more than we love the actual implementation of them. Hmm. (But that’s another story).

I love trying new things – in some contexts, at least. New foods always, both to cook and to eat. Absolutely I can go on record in saying that. I guess I didn’t used to enjoy exploring new terrain, but in looking back, I’m inclined to think that was because of time, mostly. Not entirely, but maybe mostly. I play the ukulele now. (Not well, but I play. And that’s only been in the last 3 or 4 years.) I’m trying to learn to swim – just a breath at a time at the college pool, where I’ve done kickboard laps for the past 25 years. You already know about my new experience with rutabagas. I’m volunteering at the local elementary school in a new setting. I like new books. I love meeting new people. If you told me there was an opportunity to go to a workshop on mastering mouth trumpeting, I’d be there. (And there actually is a Victoria Vox concert coming soon to Chestertown. She’s an amazing ukulele performer and yep, she does this weird thing with her mouth that sounds like a trumpet, and it’s so cool that as soon as you’ve heard it once, you say to yourself, “I’ve got to know how to do that, too,” so now, by gosh, we’re going to be able to do just that)! I’m sure the list is longer, but you get the idea. You also may have gleaned, especially in these last couple of sentences that Chestertown is a really wonderfully, quirky place to visit. The 2nd annual Porch Fest is coming up in about a month, I believe it is, where musicians will be found playing on the street and well, YES, of course, on porches!! During the first 2 full weeks of June each year, Chestertown is host to The National Music Festival, where rehearsals can be enjoyed FREE all hours of each day! With Washington College here and Chestertown’s new Arts & Entertainment District designation and local theatre, artists and artisans and farm-fresh activities, vendors and opportunities (like berry picking, in season), there always seems to be something new to try here.

Just a few thoughts. It’s the first day of spring. Doesn’t feel like it today, but it is. New things are just around the corner.

Roasted Rutabagas??

March 19, 2016

Something wonderful happened today: The Chestertown Farmer’s Market! And it happens EVERY Saturday throughout the year! Today I picked up beets, turnips and sweet potatoes (and yes, I’ve used each of these in B&B breakfast sides before. 🙂 ) As the fellow was weighing the turnips, I spied the rutagagas, and asked him what you did with those. He wasn’t sure but the gal there said that they could be roasted and fixed like potatoes, that they had an earthy quality. Gosh, who wouldn’t like “earthy”?? So for $4, I had a quart-ful, so now I’ll google, then get care-ful about creating something new and yummy! (And who knows? I just might have yet another element to add to my breakfast dishes!) Spring-ing into simple, new freshness is ALWAYS a great thing!

Location, Location, Location.

You might notice the WAC Administration Building cupola out of the corner of your eye as you walk onto Simply Bed & Bread's brick path, since our house is just a stone's throw away from the college. Or it might be the ...
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