Pumpkin-flavored Soft Pretzels

September 21, 2010

I ate waaaay too many of these!

Our house smelled like curry this morning as I left to take my walk, since I had the curry carrot coconut soup still on the stove. The chicken was bubbling away in the other pot, so I knew I had almost exactly a mile’s worth of time–precisely what I would need to do a roundtrip downtown. As I passed Fountain Park, I smelled the pumpkin spices filling up High Street–probably from White Swan Tavern–and I drank them in. (I love yummy smells!) After lunch our house began to smell like pumpkin spices, too, as I experimented with pumpkin soft pretzels.

I used to make soft pretzels all the time when the girls were little, but I had never tried to alter the recipe. Today, having looked forward to pumpkin cooking for several days, I decided that this would be the day to try a soft pretzel that fit fall. YUM! They’re the perfect tea time treat for Parents Weekend! Woo hoo!


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