Pumpkin Steel-Cut Oats

September 27, 2010

With the temperature dipping into the 60’s, it seemed the perfect time to try pumpkin steel-cut oats. I loved them, but Miss Phoebe’s vote will be in tomorrow when she tries a bowl for her breakfast. A couple of our guests tried them this morning, but since I wasn’t here when they were served, I didn’t get the bottom line response. Not sure how they went over.

I simply cooked the oats according to the package directions, added a bit of pumpkin butter, some spices, a little sugar, honey, vanilla and Smart Balance, and threw in some raisins for good measure. They stayed piping hot in my Crock Pot –(the same Crock Pot that was opened as a gift at our wedding over 35 years ago, by the way)…..More later when the verdict comes in.


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