Chestertown Book Festival & KCPL Book Buttons

October 6, 2010

The Chestertown Book Festival ( is this weekend, and we still have both rooms open! (Can’t hardly believe this…..but it’s true). The weather is supposed to be amazing, so it’s a prime weekend.

We had an idea, and this is a bit of background…..Our local library (Kent County Public Library) is in some financial trouble and needs help. They have begun a buy-a-button campaign for fundraising, and we figured we could jump onto the bandwagon and enlist some book-loving guests to participate!

Here’s the idea:

2 rooms / 2 nights = 1 KCPL Book Button

Simply Bed & Bread will donate $ 100 to buy a button with a full weekend’s worth of bookings!If you’re coming to the Book Festival — maybe to fit in the Friends of the Library Book Sale as well as the other weekend Book Festival events — then a stay here for you and a couple of friends would fit perfectly!

The library is around 2 corners from our front door and downtown is just a little further from that. The weather should be walker-friendly; the weekend will be book-friendly, so…..what are you waiting for??


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