“…Monday, Monday…”

October 18, 2010

Hopefully, these leaves won't fall!!

Laundry on the line -- (a surprise amenity...oops, now you know!)

From the 2nd crop of our edible landscape--purple string beans!

The laundry was all hung on the clothesline with care,
Anticipating new guests who soon would be there…..

….Like those who are booked for this week….

It can be very difficult for a Weight Watcher to travel. And staying at a B&B can be deadly….unless the B&B cook “gets” the whole Weight Watcher thing…..For this week’s prospective guest who just attended her very first Weight Watcher meeting, I’ll fix an egg white omelet with a plethora of fresh veggies (yes, including some of those purple string beans!) to fill her up! And one or two of those satisfying 1-point “rounds” will make her feel like she’s been sitting at a banquet table, but it will all be “legit!”

Simply put, we can do this at Simply Bed & Bread!


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