“The Yellow House” by Patricia Falvey

October 24, 2010

A story of the reckless extravagance of love juxtaposed with the grinding, up-to-your-ankles-in-water-every-day persistence of responsibility, the Yellow House stands. As a picture of hope.

I took the book off of the new fiction shelf at the library because I liked the picture of the Yellow House on the front. Plus I love a good story, and it looked like it could be just that.

I wasn’t disappointed.

“…Over the last weeks, the kindness of everyone around me had chipped away at my old armor. I was a changed woman now. I was happier than I had been even as a child. I had peeled away all the defenses I had built up over the years. I was naked as a newborn, ready to love and allow myself to be loved. And I had no shortage of love. My family was around me again. I had friends. I was back at the Yellow House, and like the Yellow House, I had been returned to life….” (p. 327)

“…Kindness…”: You just never know what a smile, a mug of steaming coffee, and a fresh, homemade cinnamon bun might mean to someone. Those things have a way of slipping us into story….which is a part of what I hope we serve up here at Simply Bed & Bread.


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