Silent Auction benefits The Alley…..A Success Story

November 5, 2010

My mother knew how to laugh and to have fun….  But not when she was helping my sister with her homework.  Seventh grade was the worst for my mother and my sister; the homework sessions were long, loud and very painful–for all of us.  Mom loved us, supported us, and cared about all that we did, but her perfectionistic expectations were killers for my sister.  It’s not easy to even think when you know someone is exasperated with you, and so night after night, right after supper, it was the same thing:  my poor sister could not even think……something which is not uncommon in many households, since many parents are simply not equipped to give their children the academic support that they need…..which is where The Alley comes into the story.

Miranda* and Susan* (*names changed) are two Alley regulars.  Needing a safe, supportive place to do their homework, the serious students gravitated to the homework / hangout place on High Street, and they have found there what they have needed.   The girls have made an impression on the staff there with their easy laughter, creative, spirited, personalities and with their goals.  Miranda’s dream is to become a pediatrician, and Susan’s, a mathematician, and their straight-A records prove their focus and perseverance.  But kids can only do so much to make things happen. 

Miranda and Susan applied 2 years in a row for acceptance into the public school S.T.E.M. program, but they seemed to simply slip through the cracks.  Seeing their promise and positions, their teachers and even their principal had been fierce advocates for their inclusion into the enrichment program, but there was a brick wall between them and this next step towards reaching their goals…..until The Alley staff got involved in the advocacy process.   The wide community visibility and the broad board base supporting  The Alley became catapults toward action for Miranda and Susan, and they are both in the S.T.E.M. program today.  

Miranda and Susan are able to think as they do their homework in the Alley atmosphere.  They can think and even dream, believing that maybe more of their goals really will be realized.

 That’s why it would be great to go to the Silent Auction on Friday, November 5 at 6 PM at Emmanuel Episcopal Church.  You, too, could have a chance to be an advocate for kids who have dreams — one Silent Auction item at a time.  Rain or shine, you’ll be glad you did.


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