The Tree And Bench Story

November 9, 2010

The view from Emily's Room

If you look closely, you’ll also see the bench made from a piece of the sidewalk from across the street…..

“Why?” you say, “would someone want a piece of the sidewalk from across the street?”

“Well,” we’d say, “because David grew up across the street, which is the reason why our girls grew up across the street from their grandma and grandad.

“But why,” you’d say, “is there a piece of their sidewalk on top of 2 cement blocks forming a ‘bench’ in back of your house?”

“Because.  Our girls wrote their names in that particular section of the sidewalk.  And when work was about to be done on the sidewalk by the new owners of the house, our former neighbor, Elizabeth, ran over to our house to ask if we wanted that section of the sidewalk, since she had gotten the workers to rescue it from the trash pile so that it could be saved for us.  So.  That’s why we have a piece of sidewalk from across the street as part of a ‘bench’ in back of our house.  And if you come soon, you can sit on that bench underneath of this glorious tree in back of our house.”

And that’s the end of The Tree and Bench Story.


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