Festival of Trees

November 27, 2010

 The twinkling lights are visible from the parking lot as you go towards the building, but when you go into the main room, they are everywhere!  A train and poinsettia tree are in the center of the main room and the lighted trees line the entire perimeter.  Gingerbread houses are in a smaller, adjacent room, and boy, does it ever smell gooood in there!

Mary Jane, our neighbor, worked with her friend to set up the Hidden Treasure display in the hallway. When I mentioned to the women at the Kent Center Friends’ Table that my neighbor had worked on it for Hidden Treasures, one of them said, “Oh, she’s a treasure herself!”  (Just a little free, extra info there!)

Don’t miss the Festival! 

Our Simply Bed & Bread Tree at the Festival

You still have tomorrow and Sunday, and don’t forget to vote!


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