A December Read

December 17, 2010

After family preparations and holiday visits are done, the time of the year is just around the corner for curling up with something hot in one hand and a book in the other. So….if your budget is blown and you have no money left for an actual visit to a B&B for yourself, you can go to the library and pull Anita Schreve’s A Wedding in December off the shelf. The storybook setting is at a fictional B&B with all the bells and whistles–a one stop shop for perfection–a little contrived, but you will feel like you’re there. The book is long enough to entertain for many hours, and so for that reason, it’s better than a made-for-TV movie, which is over all too quickly when you really want to settle in for a virtual visit to SomePlaceElse. (Plus you can make your own commercials and only when you need to.) It’s a reunion and a wedding all at once, so there are the complications which go with those. But it just feels a little flat for my taste if you’re looking for real meat. It’s entertaining, but it won’t change your life. However, if you just want to take a hop to Never Never Land in the World of B&B’s, then this won’t cost you a cent; you won’t have to complicate your own life, and it might be just the thing for a cozy chair “holiday.”

….And if you can’t stop thinking about B&B’s but you’d like something, well…., a little simpler than Nora’s place, then it’s not too early to make a get-away day reservation at Simply Bed & Bread!!



  1. Donna says:

    I simply can’t imagine that Nora has anything on you…

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