New Year: New Food

January 5, 2011

The nut-crumb mixture in the skillet

The nut-crusted chicken still in the pan in the oven

As promised….the nut-crusted chicken!  I didn’t have cashews after all, so I used pecans, and it worked!  We both loved it!

 The crust was crisp and the chicken moist–perhaps because of the preparation of the chicken:  each piece was poked with a fork several times, then rubbed with some coarse pretzel salt.  I then put it in the fridge while I fixed the crust mix.

As I crumbled some left-over, homemade bread, a part of me thought, “How can this not be good?” since the next step was to brown butter and onion in the skillet.  People stepping into our house always ask, “What are you cooking?  whenever I do that, and it’s only a little butter and some onions thrown together!  Plain and simple, the combination just works. This recipe called for lemon zest, juice, cayenne and dill to be added to that.  Afterwards, I dipped each piece of chicken into flour, then an egg / Dijon mixture, ending with the crumb-nut crust mix.  It baked for about an hour–longer than the recipe had indicated, but  we just waited.  🙂  YUM.


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