White Christmas Pie Memories

January 12, 2011

I think I have the family history correct:  it was my mother who found the White Christmas Pie recipe, and my Aunt Sara who made it for extra special events after my mother died.  I can’t remember when my mother made it–I just remember the light-as-a-feather, heavenly pie being in the kitchen I grew up in–but I can recall seeing 2 of the pies sitting on Aunt Sara’s counter in her home at Kinnaird Point, ready to be served to ladies at a Bible study luncheon.  My mind might be fuzzy about the exact time frame in which the Pie entered our family, but I have never forgotten this Pie. 

It’s amazing that my mother ever made the pie because my Aunt Bernice, her sister, wouldn’t touch coconut with a ten foot pole, and she usually reserved the extra special creations for when she visited.  My mother always baked on weekends when Aunt Bernice didn’t come (she came every other), but the really great things usually were made on her weekends.

It’a a bit of a fussy pie to make–not difficult at all, just fussy–and Aunt Sara wasn’t the fussy type, but when she was in the same life stage as I am in now, she also had a period when fussy was quite all right, depending on the circumstances.  And besides, all of us have always loved sweets, and this one is absolutely unforgettable, with the sweet quotient being the very best kind of all–winsome and subtle in the most inviting way.

It’s been probably 15 or 20 years since I made the pie myself, but today seemed the perfect day for it.  I don’t know if it was the bright white snow on the ground outside or the fact that we’re having neighbors over who will really, really love it, but today was the day.  I doubled the recipe–why not when it has several steps in it so you might as do twice as much without doing twice the work–so I have 2 pies in the fridge. 

I’ll edit this tomorrow, recording the tasters’ comments, the picture of the pie, as well as the recipe.  Good things are worth waiting for; after all, it’s been maybe 20 years here….


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