Shifting Gears….Gluten Free….

January 14, 2011


Empty gluten-free pie shell, waiting to be filled

I had made a gluten-free pie crust about a month ago and had put it in the freezer when it wasn’t needed after all, so I took it out this morning….to make a goat cheese / spinach / onion / mushroom quiche.  Because our scheduled guest is also lactose intolerant, I’ll make it with soy milk.  So…I can hardly wait to see how it will turn out!  Pic, feedback  and more recipes coming…..

…chicken / shrimp / veggie stir fry with rice noodles, maybe….haven’t quite decided….

…I have a cornbread mix and also a chocolate cake mix, both of which are gluten-free, and I have discovered before that I have excellent results with these packaged mixes.  But I also have some almond meal that I’m eager to try…..

….As I said, more coming….


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