January 17, 2011


One of 89-year-old Rachel's wedding presents that she was going to give to the church for a yard sale

I learned to make “cocoa” when I was just a little girl.  I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen for real recipes, but I guess my mother figured I could handle cocoa–simply a homemade cup of hot chocolate, if the label “cocoa” is unfamiliar to you.  Well, that was in the days of when I was back on the farm (and glorious, innocent, uncomplicated days those were, I might add), and there is a part of me that will always be hooked to that time in my life.   Cocoa meant warmth and home and delight:  grace in a cup, I’m pretty sure you could say.

A cup of cocoa wasn’t counted as a “dessert,” so there weren’t the same restrictions attached to it that the more traditional banana cream pie or marble cake carried with them.  Translation:  we had cocoa more often than or a piece of pie or a slice of cake….but more familiar and frequent do  not necessarily equal bad or  banal.  It was still a sweet treat…..which is why I bid on the set of 6 demitasse cups on ebay. 

The other reason for my ebay search for demitasse cups was that Rachel’s nearly-100-year-old set of 4 cups and pot began to crumble; one day, when washing one of the cups in the sink, the handle just, …well,…came off in my hand.  Go figure.  But needless to say, I didn’t want to then serve a guest something steamy that could potentially be scalding.  Hence, my hunt.  The ones I found will be arriving any day…..just in time for our weekend guests to enjoy a demitasse portion of some good, old-fashioned tiny cups of chocolate cocoa.  Some things are just too good to stay back on the farm.


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