Mishap to Masterpiece

February 2, 2011


Chocolate: spread; pistachios: sprinkled

Step 1 of The Fix

Point # 1: Just work backwards with the pictures.
Point # 2: OK. “Masterpiece” is too over the top. I just couldn’t think of another alliterative antonym quickly enough.
Point # 3: These are not the heart-shaped, chocolate shortbreads.

I had set out to do the shortbreads. And I did do them — (just didn’t take a picture of them.) But I ran into a snag. I had the butter in the bowl for the shortbreads and was ready to measure and mix in the sugar. But my eyes went to the sugar cookie recipe instead, so I put in too much sugar. Shortbreads only have a 1/4 cup. So…..Plan B. The Fix. I was going to just mix up the sugar cookies, then throw the dough into the freezer for another time, since I wasn’t in the mood to do an entire batch of cut-out sugar cookies. But instead I patted the dough into a 9 x 12 pan, baked it, then added the 2 other steps pictured above. Oh, I almost forgot: besides the sugar mishap, I also grabbed the peppermint extract instead of the almond. So what is pictured above is a bottom crust layer that is mint-flavored. The pistachios were an experiment, but I thought the salty crunch would work well, even though mint and pistachio were not 2 flavors that I would’ve normally put together. Anyway, I think they’re yummy, and that’s the story of how we went from mishap to “masterpiece” this morning….Not exactly a spine-tingling, nail-biting, suspense-packed adventure, but that is what happened in our kitchen today.



  1. Donna says:

    So many of our greatest inventions and cures were “mistakes.”
    Your new cookies might become famous!

  2. admin says:

    We’ll see….The guests liked them, too…..

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