Post-Valentine Tax Shelter!

February 14, 2011

Calm down. It’s not what you think….but…got your attention, right?

It’s time. Especially if you’re a single person. Yep, it’s time to book a get-away night at Simply Bed & Bread. Why? A couple of reasons….

1) As a reward for surviving yet another Valentine’s Day. The weather will be balmy and warm this week, compared to what this winter has been like. So the timing is perfect.

But the title of this blog post is “Tax Shelter.” What is that all about??

2) If you haven’t yet done all of your tax return prep work, you could do it here. A different setting could be a real motivator. Just throw all of your stuff into a big box; get into the car, and start driving. Think: unending snacks & beverages,….a brisk walk now and then as a reward for your diligence to staying on task, lovely weather and a lovely town to explore when it’s time for a meal…Yep, Simply Bed & Bread could be your new tax time tradition as a shelter to which to run with your tax stuff…..or as the title indicates….your new TAX SHELTER.

This week, Tuesday through Thursday nights, we have one room available in the inn. It’s a shared bath, so that drops the price for a dramtically low special rate, this week only: $ 69 + tax / night!!!


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