March 12, 2011

In between the cracks....

“Plenty of sun”: that’s the weather forecast for our first Orphan Day this week! It’ll be 50 and gorgeous and it’s time for you to have a day off and to bring a friend or 2 so that both rooms here can be full! Wednesday promises to have lots of sunshine also, so it would be a perfect day to head over to Crumpton for the Auction and wander around in the sun there…..Think about it!

With weekday rates in effect on Tuesday, if you book a room, $50 will be in our Ukraine fund….

One of Natasha’s success stories explains what the money will “buy” in Ukraine. A large percentage of children who grow up in orphanages either take their own lives or end up stuck in prostitution. A few “make it,” and Katya (name has been changed), is one of those. Married to a man from within the orphanage system also, they had children, and were scraping along. Until he left. And until she had a car accident. Without family to turn to, Katya was completely alone, and in danger of losing her children (since her injuries took away her ability to walk as well as her job). She had no money, so clothes, food and a roof over her children’s heads was in question–until Bethany Ukraine’s Natasha stepped in. Natasha found a sponsor for Katya and her children. Katya got the physical therapy she needed, rent, clothes and food for a year, and a new job, and Katya and her little family is OK again and on their own.

And after a day here at Simply Bed & Bread, you, too, will be OK again. Why wait? The sun is shining now!


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