Redman’s pansies at the Farmer’s Market

March 19, 2011

The scones were done and the breakfast was ready to go, so since our guests wanted to eat late on their 45th wedding anniversary, it gave me the perfect opportunity to scoot down to the Farmer’s Market at 8! Because it was the first day of the new season, I was eager to check things out!

I was not disappointed. The sun was out, the air just a teence crisp, and I had beaten the crowds! What fun! It’s another Chestertown day when it feels like the whole town is having a party!

The regular vendors were back, and I could see that, but I wanted to do a quick zip around to make sure I didn’t miss anything! I did see a brand new vendor, Yvette and her family, with their tent and table set up in a more formal context–a fun contrast to the more home-y, farm-ish kinds of booths. Yvette’s card said, “Personal chef,” which caught my eye, and the 2 cakes displayed there were simple, classy and nice. With her varied cupcake display, I told her that the Cupcake Wars would be next! Because her wares seemed to be in a separate niche, I thought the addition was nice!

I bought the red and yellow pansies right before closing time (after breakfast and clean-up), but at 8, I just picked up one small “sapphire blue” one. Since the traditional jewel of the 45th anniversary is a sapphire, the one I bought for the breakfast table was perfect!

Don’t miss the Market next week!


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