A Quilt Retreat!

March 25, 2011

Love to get away to sew? Pack up your project, your portable machine, and book a few weekdays at Simply Bed & Bread! Beginning next week, and continuing into April, it’s Quilt Retreat Month!

I have some vintage fabrics that you might like to see….Tempted??

Chestertown is the perfect place to be for taking breaks…Walk to the water and watch the ducks, the river and the boats. Grab dinner on your walk back for $4.50 by picking up a meat pastie at Against The Grain. Bring your camera and shoot some pictures. Take a tour. Shop. Check out a huge auction in our area, if you’re here on a Wednesday. Take the crunchy apple from your room and chomp on it as you walk around the block. Want to piece a spring pansy? Or do a paper pieced pansy? The setting is just right…

Already know what your project will be? Or are you interested in something new? Have you done paper piecing before? I have plenty of patterns…..

If you bring a quilting friend, you may stay for $ 79 / weeknight / room!


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