Another anniversary!

April 6, 2011

Silver & white: 25th anniversary colors

OK, so Marie Antoinette might not have fully gotten the gist of her surroundings when she said, “Let them eat cake,” but on some level, she at least got the cake part. People do love cake. Cake makes people happy. These things are true. So….what better way to celebrate an anniversary, especially a 25th anniversary (the silver one), than with a cake?

I needed to make a gluten-free cake, and since I haven’t mastered the art and science of gluten-free baking, I decided to go with a mix. I’ve done those before and they taste scrumptious. (I’ll transform the yellow cake mix tomorrow morning into a blueberry coffee cake, which I’ve done once before, which was why I chose a chocolate one for the anniversary cake.) As I got ready to begin, I had a stroke of genius. (Or at least it seemed like it at the time.) As a quilter, I love “making do” with the scraps that I have, and I seem to have that mindset with other things as well. Like with this cake. It was to commemorate a wedding, so I thought, “OH! I’ve got that new small-ish springform pan so I can use that to make a bottom layer. I can use my new tart pan for the middle layer and a cupcake for the top, then VOILA–a tiered cake! How fancy! How special! How wonderful! So that’s what I did….

But check out the picture. The cake, when completed, just made me laugh. It’s so funny-looking! The “tiers” were the wrong proportions and so it looked more like an oversized doorbell gone wrong, rather than a tiered treasure. Oh. My. But not to worry–I had yet another stroke of genius! After sprinkling on some silver-colored sugar, which didn’t save it, I was going to melt some chocolate to make some chocolate leaves to put around it somewhere. But I only really had a half-hearted hope that it might improve things. The doorbell look wasn’t going to die easily. But when I reached for some chocolate, I saw the silver-wrapped Hershey’s kisses and knew that that was where my hope lay. Brilliant! Silver. Check. Kisses–cute. So I decided to go with the fully wrapped candy around the whole bottom tier, thinking that maybe they might hide the fact that the proportions were mismatched. David saw me and asked very carefully, “You’re not going to unwrap them??” I said, a little too quickly, “They’re SILVER.” Duh. And called it a day.

So. Wasn’t it Marie who also said, “Well, it’s the thought that counts???” Oh. Not Marie, you say? Well, somebody said it and so that’s what I’m going with. Cake makes people happy, even if it’s because they’re laughing at it!! 🙂


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