Easter Egg Hunt Special!!!

April 8, 2011

I only remember going to the Kennedyville Community Easter Egg Hunt once in my early childhood. I have no idea who sponsored it, but all ages were invited. Great! The more, the merrier, it seemed. After all, doesn’t the sight of a pumped-up crowd add to the enjoyment and excitement?? ….At least, that’s what I’d thought. But it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, since it was one of those 50’s age-inappropriate events scheduled to be “fun” for children, but which instead brought out the worst in some and exacerbated feelings of unfairness and sadness in others. The problem and the solution were simple, really: just divide the group and have them hunt in different areas so that the groups were homogeneous according to age. It really wasn’t that hard. But those were the days when the adults just didn’t know and they were just doing the best they knew to do to give the country kids a thrill. And really, since we didn’t get out much, it really was a thrill. And I do mean that. Even with my dashed expectations and heightened view of unfairness, it was still fun to try to find the biggest egg–for that was our task. From the youngest to the oldest (and I do think some of those older kids were about ready to drive–cars, I mean, not just tractors), we were given the command to FIND THE EGG, then the whistle blew, and off we scattered. With hopes high, I thought I really might have a chance. Even at 5, I guess I was realistic, but this was Easter, and so I hoped big. I did get some little eggs — and that was truly fun! But it sure enough was one of those big kids who had apparently dived into a big bush to find the prize, and I can still see him even now, in my mind’s eye, waving his eggy trophy high over his head.

BUT I don’t want you to worry. Our Easter Egg Hunt Special is not just for the biggest and the fastest. It’s actually for those who are ready to slow down for a bit with a few days off and a trip to Chestertown. If you book 2 weeknights in the couple of weeks around Easter, we’ll give you an eggs-tra eggs-citing deal where you WILL win the prize: the 3rd night FREE!

Book Mon, April 18 and Tues, April 19 and Wednesday will be FREE…or come on Tues and stay till Friday that week. If the week before Easter doesn’t work, then book Tues and Wed nights the next week, and Thurs will be on us! Bonus: let us know what your favorite kind of Easter egg is and you just might even be able to hunt and find it here!


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