It just doesn’t get any better than this….

April 19, 2011

Our almost-3-year-old grandson watching the love of his life--TRAINS

We were at “Jonabob’s” house because that’s where the trains are. Emily and Gian, (her husband), Erin (“Auntie”) and Adrian met us Saturday at Joan’s and Bob’s in Middletown, DE because Joan’s and Bob’s basement is a train museum. Oh, it’s not a museum open to the public; Bob simply loves trains. But he’s also a good “sharer,” so we were all invited to come to see. And so Adrian looked and looked and he looked and looked some more. As his daddy said, it was like Disney, and a couple of other super-cool, extremely fun things (which I can’t remember now) rolled up into one for Adrian. He really was in 7th heaven. The rest of us watched him watch, which was like Disney for us. A great day.


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