Easter Finery

April 21, 2011

Washington Avenue

I never knew Aunt Hannah and Aunt Lizzie, sisters of my mother’s mother (I think), but one of them was the baker of MD Beaten Biscuits and the other was a seamstress. It was the seamstress who taught my Aunt Bernice to sew–which was why my sister and I had matching navy blue coats, white hats, white pocketbooks, white patent leather Mary Jane shoes and white, lace-trimmed anklets for the Easter that I was 4. Aunt Bernice had made the coats and the dresses to match, so Bobbi and I were a pretty pair. Our Sunday School outfits almost always matched, which we both thought was marvelous. Oh, ye-ah. We. Were. Decked. And this decking in our Easter finery was tradition. We could count on it, and count on it, we did! And the tradition carried over into our own families as well, with Aunt Bernice also decking out our daughters like she had us before them–(at least, in our early years). Yep, I can still see our own girls’ Easter dresses when Emily was almost 4 and Erin was about to be 2–overlapping pastel cotton widths trimmed in lace at each bottom edge, tiered out to a subtle flounce perfect for twirling…, but they were …well, a tad inadequate as proper covering for the chilly sunrise service early that particular Easter morning! (Don’t worry; we had them wrapped tightly with blankets and heavy coats), but underneath at Miss Dorothy’s house for the traditional Sunrise Service Breakfast, their princess clothes were unveiled. Might as well get your money’s worth of wear out of them, I figured, since Easter only comes once a year! (And OK, yes, I was so darned proud of them looking like little magazine minis, that that was the real reason I dressed them in the dresses so early, if you must know. I simply couldn’t wait to show them off!)

Today as I was driving south on Washington Avenue, I noticed how DECKED Chestertown is in its finery! Ornamental cherry trees, planted years ago by the town, are all in bloom and they line the Avenue like lovely ladies ushering visitors into a ball. The streetscape is breathtakingly lovely. (OK. So I live here. But you’ll agree; they are really pretty, perfect, and primped for a party–and just in time for Easter! Thank you, Lord, for this extra-special gift this year!)



  1. Jessica says:

    Oh, cherry blossoms! So lovely!

    The trees here are only just now beginning to bud, with little hints of green. There is still so much BROWN around. I can’t wait for spring to come in full force — it has been so sunny recently that it has to be a matter of a couple weeks!

    Soon we will see lilacs, and chestnut blossoms (what Kyiv is known for), and all manner of colorful flowers!

  2. admin says:

    I can’t think of Ukraine without picturing the fields of sunflowers, though…. It’s always good when brown goes away!!!

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