Summer Soup

June 10, 2011

Summer = Chilled Soup

OK, so summer doesn’t equal soup for everyone,….but you really never know what might be on the breakfast table in the mornings here!

Our guest came in late last night and is leaving this morning, so Tea Time has passed her by. But who says there is a rule about not serving soup at Breakfast Time? Our last two guests have loved having it for breakfast, so I made another batch for today and this weekend. When fresh produce is in season, you just have to run with it!

The recipe for this Chilled Strawberry-Rhubarb Soup is found on my facebook page; if you’re not on FB and would like it, I’ll be happy to post it here as well. Just ask!

There is one note that I want to add about making the soup: do not drain the rhubarb after cooking it. I didn’t the first time, but I got distracted while making it the second time (yesterday) and drained it out of habit. By doing that, I lost all of the water that is needed to make it true “soup.” What I have is a thick, sweeter version and I prefer the thinner, not-as-sweet one. I plan to serve it, though, with just a hint of yogurt on the top, so I think the combination will be a nice twist. And it’s just a little bit anyway, since it is served in a demitasse cup, so it’s just really the thought–one of those little touches on the table that add just a little extra, which is always a lovely thing.


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