Summer: Farmer’s Market

June 11, 2011

Lavender, pattypan + onions!

I always approach the Famer’s Market with a spirit of adventure, since you never know what might be just around that corner! So on Saturday mornings, I head out with my bag to see what I can find. I did have one thing on my mind, and that was lavender. I don’t have any growing here–really didn’t even know exactly what it looked like–but I had decided that I needed it. My neighbors probably already have some and I know that they would share, and my friend, Beth, in Galena, has a ton of it, and she’s a good “share-er” too, but there I was at the Farmer’s Market and there was the little pot of it at Redman’s for $3, so you’ll see that in the left corner of the picture.

I had decided that I needed the lavender because I wanted to make lavender scones. I’m going to try roasting the pattypan and the onions for breakfast tomorrow, so we’ll see how it all goes! (The scones will have to wait, though, until the lavender grows flowers. But it’s OK; tomorrow morning’s breakfast guests want the homemade cinnamon buns, so we’re good!)


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