Summer Blueberries

June 21, 2011

Blueberry bushes bulging with berries!

It was a breezy day, and not too hot, so the couple of hours spent at Lockbriar Farms picking blueberries and the quart of raspberries went quickly. I love blueberries, and love serving them at breakfast time, plus they keep great in the fridge, so I was eager to go and fill up my cardboard tray. I didn’t fill it, but I got plenty of berries last week before my Thursday guests came in. And they’re still just as good today, 4 days later. They’ll be fresh for several days longer. I had planned to freeze some, but I’m going to run out before then. I made a batch of blueberry-lemon scones, but I have served the rest just plain, which is the way that I prefer them. Although I also love trying new recipes, and I know a jam might be nice, it’s just not my favorite way to eat them, so usually they just get popped into a fruit cup with other fresh-from-the-farm-fruit and a sprig of mint, then breakfast is served! Simple, sweet, and just right!


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