Summer Reunion Story 2

June 22, 2011

Linda Creighton’s most romantic high school memory, (and the most movie-worthy moment of her life) of being asked to dance by senior Phil Kratzer when she was a lowly freshman reminded me of a dance memory, too. Mine wasn’t a romantic one; but it was a life-changer.

I, too, was in 9th grade, and new to the school–a very tough place to be. It was my very first CHS dance ever, and I was the quintessential wilting wall flower, plastered to the sidelines with no hope of rescue in sight. I was dying a slow, painful death, and the night had dragged on into a never-never land of time. I was beginning to glaze over….. Until…out of the darkness of that school cafeteria, out of nowhere, my knight–(a junior, no less!) glided over to my side. He wasn’t in white satin, but he had on the coolest white tie against his ultra-cool black shirt that you ever did see. And in a heartbeat, in the blink of an eye, I re-entered the land of the living. My vision cleared, my breathing quickened, and my senses popped back to alert-mode. My reputation instantly skyrocketed and my inner core went from lily-weak to oak-strong. I was going to live through high school and it might even get good. Even though my 11th grade savior was my cousin, Harry, no one else knew that. I was a new kid, so the secret was safe. It only mattered that I had been rescued from that awful place by the wall. I had gotten un-stuck. And my life would never be the same again. Thank you again, Harry!!


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