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June 29, 2011

The occasional thumping and bumping upstairs makes me smile…It’s such a boy-thing.  And since we have a mom and her 2 boys here, with the older 11-year-old son being in Erin’s Room by himself, it’s a sound that we hear from time to time, and I love it.   I don’t think I would’ve loved it when I was younger–there was too much to do and I had girls who didn’t crash about and I was always glad about having girls–but now, the curious incidents of the noises in the night (and day) put a grin on my face.  I don’t know what he is doing up there, but I bet he’s feeling pretty good about it….

Unlike the pancakes that I made him for breakfast, which he was not as pleased about.  But that makes me giggle, too, because apparently, my food wasn’t quite up to the par to which has become accustomed!  🙂  They were the best that I could make, but I really don’t ever offer pancakes to guests; I just thought they were a guaranteed kid-pleaser, and a sure-fire hit with the boys, so I had prepared for them, in case he had requested them.  (Because I did give him a choice.  But right away, I should’ve known he’d been around plenty on the fine cuisine set because he asked me what type of omelettes–yes, plural,–I was offering for the day.) 

In preparation, I had googled Paula Deen’s best and determined that the chocolate chip pancake reviews were at the top.  Although chocolate chips in pancakes wasn’t going to happen (the thought of the 2 things together just doesn’t sound quite right on an empty, first-thing-in-the-morning stomach), so I put in dried blueberries instead.  Then like Amelia Bedelia,  I separated those eggs and used 4 bowls to do everything separately and I beat the egg whites until they were as light as air, then folded them in and I must say, that batter looked divine.  I cooked them in real butter and asked our early guest (the other 2 were still in bed) if he wanted warm blueberry syrup or warm maple, and thought I was good to go. 

He had sampled my homemade cinnamon buns which were on the table when he came down, and he’d finished his yogurt (and oh my, I was glad I’d splurged and gotten the Greek yogurt), even scraping the dish vigorously (so that had been a hit, although just for the record, he did not comment on my homemade granola which was on the side as garnish), but when I asked him expectantly, with a brightness on my face, how the pancakes were, he said, “OK.”  “Oh,” I thought.  Paula Deen’s recipe didn’t cut it?  My best effort didn’t quite make it?  Nope.  So that’s why I’m giggling.  OK, Cheryl, so your pancakes just aren’t all that.  I’m OK with that.  I’ll just stick to the omelettes instead–oh, yes, and the cinnamon buns, because after he asked, “What’s that?” and I told him,  then he said, “That was good.”



  1. Patti Nelson says:

    Cheryl – I have tried making pancakes by separating the eggs and whipping those egg whites, but the end result was not good. (By the way, for a great children’s story about beating the yokes and whipping the egg whites, look for Stories Julian Tells, by Ann Cameron. One of my faves 🙂

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