Attention Nascar Fans!

April 12, 2010

Are you having trouble finding a room for the May 14th Nascar weekend?  We have 2 rooms still open!

Chestertown is a hike, considering Dover is 45 minutes away from the action of the track.  But it may be closer to the races than your own home is!

Maybe this is your story:  are you losing sleep now because  the person most special to you is not a Nascar fan, and you can’t figure out how to make all of this work?   He / she might find the quiet appeal of Chestertown perfect while you’re happily screaming along with the fans in Dover!  Accommodations at Simply Bed & Bread might be the solution to this problem. 

Or maybe you’re also a collector of cars.  Do you have one that is especially significant?  Has it ever occurred to you to have your car painted by an artist? 

Perhaps your Special Someone is a lover of cars.  An artist’s painting of his / her favorite car could be the gift that could keep on giving! 

There is a lovely shop downtown where you would find just such an artist!  In fact, that same artist promised to loan me one of her paintings for display here just in time for your stay, so you could get a sneak peek preview.

Sound tempting?   Give us a call!


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