Summer Shopping in Ukraine

August 1, 2011

The grocery store in Vinnystia, Ukraine:  all groceries, including alcohol, sold.  Bags are checked into lockers before entering, then retrieved after purchases are completed.

This store could be in the United States, since it was modern and in a mall in the city.  It is in direct contrast to other kinds of shopping opportunities throughout the countryside, including fresh veggies sold randomly by the side of the road, open air markets and tiny buildings spattered here and there housing wares of all kinds.



  1. Jessica says:

    HAH! This looks like a Сiльпо (or however it’s spelled)!!!

    Now you’re making me miss Ukrainian grocery stores, and Ukraine in general. 🙂

    Was this in the mall downtown, near the McD’s and “Майдан незалежностi” (the square with the clock tower and memorial)? I think we might have walked past it in November.

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