No Podsnaps Here Yet!!!

August 15, 2011

Mr Podsnap was well to do, and stood very high in Mr Podsnap’s opinion.  Beginning with a good inheritance, he had married a good inheritance, and had thriven exceedingly in the Marine Insurance way, and was quite satisfied.  He never couild make out why everybody was not quite satisfied, and he felt conscious that he set a brilliant social example in being particularly well satisfied with most things, and, above all other things, with himself.

Thus happily acquainted with his own merit and importance, Mr Podsnap settled that whatever he put behind him he put out of existence.  There was a dignified conclusiveness–not to add a grand convenience–in this way of getting rid of disagreeables which had done much towards establishing Mr Podsnap in his lofty place in Mr Podsnap’s satisfaction.  ‘I don’t want to know about it; I don’t choose to discuss it; I don’t admit it!’  Mr Podsnap had even acqired a peculiar flourish of his right arm in often clearing the world of the most difficult problems, by sweeping them behind him (and consequently sheer away) with those words and a flushed face.  For they affronted him.

Mr Podsnap’s world was not a very large world, morally; no, not even geographically:  seeing that although his business was sustained upon commerce with other countries, he considered other countries, with that important reservation, a mistake, and of their manners and customs would conclusively observe, ‘Not English!’ when PRESTO!  With a flourish of the arm, and a flush of the face, they were swept away.  Elsewhere, the world got up at eight, shaved close at a quarter-past, breakfasted at nine, went to the City at ten, came home at half-past five, and dined at seven….Nothing else To Be–anywhere!  (pp 124-5, Our Mutual Friend, Dickens).

People often ask me if we have stories about guests who are, well, unsavory, or unsettling, or unsatisfactory in any way, and after a year and a half, I still say, “No.”  There’s a fast food chain (I think it’s a fast food chain) whose slogan when searching for new employees, is on their sign that hangs  in their windows:  “Only happy people need apply.”  And it would seem that we’ve hung a similar sign out front.  We haven’t, but we have had only gracious, appreciative, non-Podsnappian guests.  Really!  And sometimes, you even find that you’re “entertaining angels unawares.”

Our “pirate” and “wench” guests looked especially tired to me.  And well they should’ve because not only did each of them have full time jobs, but they were vendors at special event weekends who traveled often on their “days off.”  Added to that,  it was almost 10 PM this past Friday when they arrived, which was when I noticed her very sleepy eyes.  At the end of Saturday’s schedule, they said that they had “done OK,” but they were rained out on Sunday–bad news and good news, since the rain meant that they’d be able to sleep in!  Yay!  Breakfast wasn’t actually done till almost 11–something I love, since it’s wonderful to be able to send people away rested and well, just full.  But this time, some of their fulness rubbed off onto us.  David learned that she cared for her mother who has Alzheimer’s “in her spare time.”  They had been so grateful for the little things–the pirate placemats, the pirate boot-shaped cookies hidden in the little wooden chest I’d put out for them, and the homemade cinnamon buns.  But I was also grateful I’d been able to do it, especially since they weren’t Podsnappian pirates at all, but angels in disguise.


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