The Haimish Line

August 30, 2011

David Books, an op ed writer for the NY Times, posted an article with the above title on Aug 30, 2011.  Check it out.  Our prayer is that we’re south of the Haimish Line here at Simply Bed & Bread.

I don’t know…maybe it’s that mix of aromas in the early morning, of coffee and cinnamon, or maybe it’s the vintage embroidered pillow case on the bed in Emily’s Room–you know, those pillow cases that all of the new brides got for wedding presents in the 40’s and 50’s–(which I happen to love, by the way!)    I don’t know exactly why people make the comments they do about being here, in the coziness, in the home-i-ness, in the comfortable-ness, but they do.  And today when I read the article, I learned what the word might be that they seemed to be saying to us:  it was haimish.  Cool.  Very cool indeed.


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