Questions and Skeeter

September 6, 2011

I love the questions that our guests ask, whether on the phone or in person while they’re here….Mostly the ones that we hear are just for information-gathering — the best places to eat (and depending on what they’re looking for, our answers vary), directions to this place or that, cool things to do.  But hopefully, in the quiet and in the coziness, they have time and opportunity to ask some that we don’t hear.  And those are probably the very best kind.

Skeeter:  ….on the screened back porch…Constantine used to sleep out here with Carlton and me in the summer, …Constantine slept in an old-fashioned white nightgown up to her chin and down to her toes even though it’d be hot as Hades.  She used to sing to us so we’d go to sleep.  Her voice was so beautiful I couldn’t understand how she’d never had lessons.  Mother had always told me a person can’t learn anything without proper lessons.  pp 280-1, The Help.


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