Specials: Rainy Day Stay, Washington College Interview Stay, Weekday Stay, “Double Date” Stay, Last Minute Stay…

September 9, 2011

You just never know when there might be a special waiting for you at Simply Bed & Bread!  Just ask!

If we have space and it’s last minute, we might be able to offer you what you need….

If you have a high school student who has an interview at Washington College and you need 2 rooms, rather than just one, we might be able to give you a special offer–especially if it’s a weekday stay.

If you have a package idea that we haven’t thought of for a few weekday nights, give us your suggestion and we’ll see what we can do!

Have a special couple that you buddy around with?  Want to hop into the car with them and take off for the night to explore Chestertown?  We have a 2 couple stay rate (2 rooms) that we’d love to let you know about!  Great savings!

If it’s raining,…. and it’s been raining,….. and you just want a change of pace, call us–we might be able to give you a special Rainy Day rate!

If you get home from work and you have the next day off,… and you just want to scoop up a couple of things, throw them into a bag, then head off somewhere……for a cozy, restful, non-stressful get-away, then call us.  If we have space, we might have a Last Minute Special just for you!

Like I said, just ask!


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