September 11, 2011

The photograph is fuzzy, and Bob is missing (since he was taking the picture), but the experience of these high school friends was clear, sharp and defined as they spent a wonderful 24 hours together here in Chestertown.  With a focus on one another, on their friendship, and on their collective experiences, they laughed, talked and soaked each other in out on our back porch and at a local night spot by the water as they tried to squeeze in as much as they could in this brief respite from their busy lives.  To us, catching the sounds of their laughter and conversation every now and then, it was a gift.  And yet another affirmation of an idea (for the B&B).  Their faces tell the story of what we hope happens here–at every stay at Simply Bed & Bread.   Yay.  We’re just plain ‘ole grateful.

Thanks to all of our guests who come to stay with us!  You’re ALL great!  (And a special thank you to Kate, Tom, Mary, Mike and Bob for making our day.)


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Location, Location, Location.

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