September 15, 2011

She said, “I’m not scared.  I’m not crying.  Don’t talk; work,” and she grabbed that Windex and paper towel and started washing those windows.  One after the other until they were done.  Then she looked around to see where some others might be that she could clean.  She had never ironed before, she told me, but she caught on like a pro: she sprayed, then smoothed out the napkin on the ironing board, and ironed away.  Next she folded, ironed in a crease, folded again to make a square and completed with the second crease.  And practically before you could say, “Jimminy Cricket,” she had 5 done and laid in a pile where I had shown her.  Then she was ready for the next thing.  She said she had never polished silver before, but today we have a shiny clean pitcher that she could see her face in!  Again, she picked it up without me even having to show her.  I asked her to fill the pepper shaker and she just put it in her hand, scooped it into the pepper container as many times as it took to have the pepper at the top, then voila–she screwed the lid back on and she was ready for the next thing.  Truly, Debbie doesn’t mess around.  She wants to WORK.  I had to use all of my creativity to keep a tiny step ahead of her!  She also likes to have her ducks in a row.  As she was stirring the cookie dough, she said, “I’m going to get paid?”  And I said that yes, she was.  She said, “How much?”  I told her.  She then said, “When?” and I told her, “After the work is done.”  She said, “Today?”  “Yes,” I said, and then she clapped her hands and jumped up and down (a little bit) right where she was, without missing a beat with those cookies.  She had also unwrapped lots of Hershey’s kisses to put on top of the peanut butter cookies.  I told her that it looked like she had finished mixing the dough, and again, lickety split, she had those cookies shaped and on that cookie sheet!  When they were done, Mary Jane, our neighbor (and S.P.T.D. — Special Person To Debbie), asked her to save her a “special cookie,” then she went back over to her house.  So when it was time to go and the cookies were cool and ready to be put on the plate for her to take with her, I asked, “Which one are you going to give Mary Jane?”  She didn’t hesitate.  “That one,” she said, indicating the messy, broken crumbly mass on the cookie rack.  So that one it was, and I put the rest of the whole ones on a plate for her.  (I knew Mary Jane would get a laugh out of that!)  Before we knew it, her hour of work was done and with her pictures in hand (since she wanted several taken)  🙂  she said she liked her job; and I knew she was thrilled with her salary (since she indicated that she was on her way to spend it on coffee), and it certainly seemed like she’d be eager to return.  Her regular hours begin in 2 weeks, and I can hardly wait!

* See Aug 7 post to read Debbie’s introduction:  “Svetlana, Grisha and Debbie”


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