September 29, 2011

I like the TV show, Bones.  But I don’t like watching the same show twice.  No re-runs for me:  once, and I’m done.  Not so with stuff.  (Or with people).

This placemat is a re-run, since until this morning, it was a damask table runner, and one of the gifts from our guest, Barbara.  She had had no use for a few of her family’s old linens and other things, so she brought them to me, knowing that I would love them, and delight in either giving them a second go-round here, or in turning them into something else — like with this “new” placemat that Glenn will use tomorrow morning.  You see, I had some really nice gold/white napkins that I had made a few Christmases ago for our church’s annual Ladies’ Tea, but I didn’t really have the perfect placemats to match.  This morning seemed to be the perfect time to make a couple.  So after choosing some old, stained woven placemats for the backs of the pieces of damask, it didn’t take long to create the new look.  The table is set now for one….for the fresh fruit, roasted pattypan puree, pesto-pepper jack omelette and pumpkin scones for 8:00 tomorrow morning.

So for old, worn-out, frayed fabric, just as for old frayed and fractured relationships, (but not old TV shows), the re-run is the way to go.  And once the food arrives at the table, it all just gets better.




  1. Old, Frayed Friend says:

    Yes, Reruns can be wonderful!

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