Avoiding B&B’s

April 21, 2010

Maintaining anonymity

The hall at Washington College was full and I heard the writer say, “I never go to B&B’s.”   I knew what he meant; he preferred anonymity.  I get that.   Which is why we offer that at Simply Bed & Bread

“There is…. a time to heal,” and healing from the everyday stuff–especially if that stuff has been pretty heavy, full and intense, can be what a person needs more than anything else.  A place just to be is what one needs. 

 Check out “The Silent Retreat package.  It can be tailored to your needs.  It can be for a single or for a couple.  Coffee and take-out can be outside your door.  A simple breakfast can be already in your room for the next morning.  Does this sound appealing?  Would you like the warmth of a small B&B while retaining complete privacy?  We’d love to offer you just this.  Give us a call.


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Location, Location, Location.

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