October 17, 2011

Guests sometimes write to us about how their time away was “just what they needed,” and we’re always grateful when that happens.  It’s sort of the whole idea.  But sometimes rest and even healing can come when one least expects them, and in many different places, and with unexpected people, at unplanned, unscripted times.  And a person can be changed forever.

the airport itself seemed transformed and magnified by the significance of my mother’s arrival.  We had nearly lost her in that first week when she had been in the coma and her recovery had assumed magic proportions for all of us.  It had brought me back into the family circle after a long intermezzo of sadness and lost time when I tried to heal a spirit badly damaged….I had reconnected with something of the highest consequence and the repercussions of that visit rang in the deepest channels with an echoing richness that amazed me.  Going back to see my stricken mother, it never occurred to me that I would encounter my lost self waiting for me at her bedside.  (Beach Music, Pat Conroy, Doubleday, 1995, p. 225.)


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