“Georgie’s Spot”

November 7, 2011


Our most recent review makes reference to a sort of secret spot where one can sit in solitude, soaking in nature’s sounds — the honking of geese, the pond’s hushed lapping against its edges and the sounds of leaves rustling.  It’s in the place that Lisie used to call “Georgie’s Spot.”

Before her death, and early-ish in her Alzheimer’s journey, I was privileged to make daily weekday visits to Lisie to check on her and to keep her company for about an hour each time.  Sometimes we would drive out to visit George, her deceased husband, who was buried in the cemetery at Old St. Paul’s — the same burial location of Talullah Bankhead, one of our local claims to fame.  It’s a peaceful place, as one would expect to find in the company of the dead, and each time we visited, I felt as though I had both traveled back in time–as I listened to Lisie repeat some of her favorite Georgie memories–but also been in a place where time stood still.  It was so special there, especially with Lisie, that it has become a secret destination that we like to share with our guests who might be looking for an out-the-way, off the beaten path place to eat lunch, or to just hang out for a while.  I haven’t been recently, but I’m guessing that it’s exploding with color right about now, and worth a trip.  So if you’re in town, or in the area with just a little extra time on your hands, check it out, especially if you’re traveling to Rock Hall.  It’s off the road a bit — off of Rt 20.  Look for the 1700 – 1800’ish Episcopal church sign in the midst of the trees.  Go past the church to the water.  Get out of your car and walk around, then sit and see what you can see.  If you have an hour, I bet your stop will make you feel like it’s been several.  It’s a gorgeous time of the year; don’t miss it.


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