A Festival Special For A Special Festival

November 16, 2011

Chestertown’s annual Festival of Trees is coming soon — to its traditional time slot of Thanksgiving Weekend, so we’re entering into the spirit of the season by offering a special Special!

Bring friends or family and come to Chestertown for the season’s kick-off on Sat, Nov 26.  Stay the night and we’ll give you each room (4 people total, but it would also be great for a couple of friends, too–or an outing for 2 sisters, for instance) for $ 89*! 

(There’s also a show at our theatre downtown:  “It’s a Wonderful Life!” on Sat night!)

Check out my November 2010 blog archives for a few pictures from last year.  We had a Simply Bed & Bread tree at the 2010 Festival, complete with a grammy doll “sleeping” in a cradle beneath the tree, (but that was a one shot spot for us.  I had a ball doing it once, but more would be, well….not so much.)  So this year I’ll go to enjoy, and to remember…

It was always a tradition with our girls when they were little.  It seemed more like a girl thing, something that didn’t excite David very much, so we three would set out and walk downtown to the former Festival location, to see what we could see.  There was tea, cookies, and tree after tree; lights and sparkles – a twinkling “sea!” Sometimes we went when a small group of carolers sang, and we would ooh and aah and cast our vote for free, and this year’s Festival promises more of the same.  In its new location at Kent Center just off of 213 N, in between the 2 shopping centers, Carol, one of the Soroptomist organizers, told me on the phone this morning that the girl scouts were busy with their gingerbread houses, a duo called “2 Cups of Decaf” was performing on Sunday at 1:30, that there were new participants planning new trees, and well, it’s a Chestertown tradition and you just won’t want to miss.  (And by the way, we’ll have tree-shaped cookies here, too, and decorated donuts with red and green….)  It would be a season start that was quiet and lovely, with an away-from-the-commercialism feel to it.  Got grandchildren?  New tradition?  Maybe.

* + 11% tax


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