A Christmas Welcome

November 30, 2011

What are your favorite Christmas cookies? Let us know and you’ll smell them as soon as you walk through our front door!

My favorites were Spritz when I was little. First, it was the green ones which my mother flavored with almond extract, and then it was the white vanilla ones. I loved her Butterfudge Fingers, a recipe she tried one day when we were in town with Daddy on a Saturday and it was the aroma that met us as soon as we walked into our front door: a brownie bottom, white creamy layer, topped with a thin fudge layer and garnished with nuts. Bon-bon cookies were ones she always made for my Aunt Hilda’s United Methodist Women’s annual Christmas party, but they were more labor-intensive so we didn’t get but one of those. Russian tea cakes with black walnuts were Aunt Bernice’s favorites, and they became mine eventually, but probably just because they were her’s. My mother filled can after can of them and stored them in Aunt Bernice’s room because it was cooler in there. I ate the dough when she turned her head, I snuck into Aunt Bernice’s room to eat them under the bed; I ate them whenever I got half a chance. I made Aunt Hilda’s UMW cookies after my mother died, and I made them for my own family and for gifts to others. And now I make them for our guests. …What kind did you say were your favorites??



  1. Cookie Monster says:

    Wow, those teacakes with walnuts sound scrumptious!

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