“Buff Your Brain” ** at a B&B!

January 7, 2012

**Newsweek, January 9 & 16, 2012, Sharon Begley, “Buff Your Brain,” pp. 28, 31-34.

“31 Ways To Get Smarter in 2012” — Using the guidelines contained in this Newsweek list, one can get smarter simply by booking a room at Simply Bed & Bread! In fact, out of the 31 prescriptions for personal percipience, 12 of these brain buffing bonus bonanzas can be built on in one booking!

# 2 – EAT TURMERIC – OK, I don’t usually put this in an omelette, but there’s a first time for everything! If it’ll get you closer to your genius-in-the-gray-matter goal, then just speak the word and it’ll be done. Check.
# 6 – SLEEP. A LOT. The pillow top California King feels like heaven. You can do this. Check.
# 11 – EAT DARK CHOCOLATE – No problem. No words necessary. Check.
# 13 – WIPE THE SMILE OFF YOUR FACE – I’ll smile at you, but you don’t have to return it. Perspicacity is your goal, not politeness. Check.
# 16 – EAT YOGURT – Greek, granola on the side. (Surely granola makes you smarter, too, don’t you think?) Got it.
# 20 – HYDRATE – Ice cold water in each room. I’ll fix you a glass downstairs, too, even if you don’t smile at me. That one’s covered, too.
# 24 – WRITE BY HAND – There’s a notepad w/ pen, plus note cards, if you forget your own. Check.
# 26 – ZONE OUT – One of our overstuffed chairs would be the perfect spot for this! Check.
# 27 – DRINK COFFEE – Ubiquitous in an inn. Check.
# 28 – DELAY GRATIFICATION – Decide you want to get away, then make yourself wait a while. You can do it. Check.
# 30 – WRITE REVIEWS ONLINE – It absolutely makes my day when I get one of these! So go ahead; make my day. It’ll make you smarter. Check.
# 31 – GET OUT OF TOWN – Helloooo…What on earth have we been talking about?? You really DO need to get out of town, don’t you? Check. Now CHECK IN!


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