From Pooh: “just a little something….” (Pumpkin Preferences)

October 18, 2012

Pumpkin-shaped and pumpkin-flavored: pumpkin has really popped around here! Yesterday’s pumpkin project was pumpkin ravioli (trying out my ravioli forms for the very first time) and earlier this morning the kitchen was full of pumpkin shortbreads and pumpkin granola. My brain was whirling: thought I could pump my bread machine full of pumpkin, yeast and a few other things and see what came out! What pumpkin procedure or pumpkin panacea might I have missed?

Think about sensory triggers that spell h-o-m-e to you: freshly baked yeast bread, cinnamon cooking in anything: snickerdoodles, or maybe the little-kid memory from that one time when you made homemade Christmas cut-out ornaments from applesauce-cinnamon dough, Thanksgiving turkey in the oven, the sweet vanilla from Grandma’s Sugar Crisps, and probably piles of pumpkin pie pieces. Or maybe it’s a whole other category: the scrubbed scent of Mr. Clean hitting you the minute you open the door, or Murphy’s Oil Soap, or the fresh pine from the Christmas tree. Do certain sounds set off signals to you? You probably couldn’t write a list of all of these. A few minutes ago when I was behind our house picking the last basil leaves off of our plant before the black spots cover them all, I heard the chimes from First Methodist Church playing “How Great Thou Art,” and I went back in time. I hadn’t known that would’ve been on my “list,” but it was. What do you think of when you see bright leaves on the trees, or on the ground next to deep red mums or a line of orange and yellow ones? Can you remember your dad buttoning your jacket up a little more when the autumn crispness came into the air?

It’s pretty pumpkin-y around here right this minute. No one is scheduled to arrive…..but if someone does, wonder what memories might be triggered? It’s a great time of year, don’t you think?


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