Zazzle Dazzle

December 10, 2012

I decided to dazzle Zazzle today – by NOT sending my moaning message about my disgruntled discovery of their delivery delay. I decided that Lana, in customer support, had to read far too many rude remonstrances at this jolly time of the year to add my own to the miserable mix.

Oh, I was disappointed, all right, and I’d wanted them to know it. You see, my miniature martial arts guy, a Christmas ornament for our grandson, did not get put into the package that was mailed to us in a timely manner. And the replacement, which was eventually shipped, was scheduled for arrival exactly one day AFTER our trip to our daughter’s house – one day too LATE for Grammy and Grampy to be able to hand it to Adrian for his little Christmas tree. And that was not OK. (And if you’re a grandparent who does not live next door to his / her grandchild, you know what I’m talking about and you can clearly see that a LOT was riding on that one small package. LOVE would not get delivered, and THAT tends to put grammies over the edge. Which was why I had begun composing my email to Lana).

As I was struggling to get just the right words – so that I wouldn’t sound like a grammy-grinch (although that was exactly what I was going to be to Lana, who probably doesn’t even begin to get paid enough to read about how the omission of one ordinary object could threaten to destroy the entire legacy of a loving, well-meaning, efficient, organized, timely – did I mention that I sent my order to Zazzle waaaaay in advance of when I needed it?? – grandparent to his / her grandchild), when, all of a sudden, I saw myself. And what I was doing. And I laughed right out loud. Sheesh.

It’s Christmas. It’s a busy time. Things happen. Mistakes are made. Yes, an entire chunk of my order (most of it, actually, not just the juvenile judo jock) was ommitted from the package, and sadly, yes, they were all checked off, but I don’t know, ….maybe the person packing it that day had had a family emergency. Maybe it had been packed an overworked, way-stressed, worried, frightened mama who’d had to send her sleepy child to school that day because he was kept awake the night before by events too egregious to even begin to explain. Christmas isn’t always happy in every home….

So I didn’t send it. We’ll do sonmething else with Adrian on Wednesday besides putting a new ornament on his tree. It’ll be OK. Each day we go is a gift, and it’s not because of the things we carry in our hands.

And Lana and the packer of our package? Well, I say, “Merry Christmas” to each of you! And Lord, give each of them grace today, too. Amen.


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